Recovery Africa, Inc.: Our History 

On retiring in Ghana in 2005 the founders of Recovery Africa (RA) began nurturing the idea of establishing an organization to promote 12-step and other types of recovery in Ghana.  With the assistance of people in recovery, efforts were made to carry the 12-step message.  Ghanaian professionals assisted in organizing training on the medical aspects of addiction and treatment. The Hopeful Way Foundation was registered in September, 2008, and a group of professionals and others in the U.S. began mobilizing financial and technical resources.

In October 2014, Recovery Africa (RA), Inc.  was recognized as a 501(c)(3) EIN 46-5213465. The approach of RA is to empower Ghanaians and their organizations to build treatment and recovery programs for which they will be responsible.  Sustainability of programs and projects is of prime importance. Over the years we have helped Ghanaian organizations establish and operate the following and other recovery support organizations, services and initiatives: 

  • The House of St. Francis (HSF):  In September 2012, RA established the HSF and managed it for three years. Over 200 clients have passed through the three-month residential treatment facility. The HSF is considered by professionals to be one of the best facilities in Ghana.
  • Oxford Houses:  In 2009, established the first house. There are three additional houses, including one for women. Over 100 residents since 2009.  A new women's house is being planned.
  • Recovery Ghana Consortium (RGC):  In September 2014, RGC was created to help build a Recover Movement in Ghana. Forty organizations and individuals are members.
  • Twelve-step groups established: Since 2006 has provided encouragement, literature and guidance for 15 groups.
  • Professionals to Ghana: Since 2007 brought ten professionals to Ghana to assist with training and implementation of programs.
  • Student visits to Ghana:  Since 2012, thirty university students in recovery have traveled to Ghana.
  • Healthy Living Group:  In 2014 established a healthy living group in support of objectives of HSF and Archdiocese of Accra.
  • HSF Medical Detox:  This opened in December 2016.