Our Impact in Numbers in 2017 & 2016

House of St. Francis

  • 200 clients have received residential treatment, usually for three months or longer since September 2012. Currently there is a waiting list for treatment. 
  • 23 clients and staff (on average) have been living in the House of St. Francis and carrying the 12-step message in the greater Accra area as of 2016
  • 800 total family members and clients attended 8 monthly family meetings at the House of St. Francis with over 700 attended such gatherings since 2012 and 100 attending in 2017
  • 160 family members, friends and clients attended eight monthly family meetings in 2017 at the House of St. Francis.

Oxford Houses

  • Since 2009, more than 170 residents have resided in the Oxford Houses with one house supporting only women. Some residents stay longer than two years
  •  17 is the average occupancy for the three houses in 2016;
  • Over 80% of residents in the three houses who stayed three months or longer have remained clean and sober.

Education Training Events

  • The most significant events in 2017 were led by Dr. Al Mooney for professionals in Accra on Sept. 28, for staff of Ankaful Psychiatric hospital in Cape Coast and training of staff at New Crystal Health Care Services and staff of the House of St. Francis.
  • Hosted 10 training events in 2017, most being one day events with over 200 participants from numerous organizations, including the House of St. Francis, Oxford Houses, Hopeful Way Recovery Center, Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Pantang Psychiatric Hospital, Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, 4 faith based prevention and recovery programs, Narcotics Control Board.
  • 20 training events lasting for up to five days were conducted by Recovery Africa in 2016 with over 300 attendees

Ghana Recovery Walk

  • 250 plus participants attended Ghana's Recovery Walk in 2017
  • 350 plus participants attended Ghana's Recovery Walk in 2015
  • 300 plus participants attended Ghana's Recovery Walk in 2016

Support Groups & Materials

  • 75 participants, clients and residents of Recovery Africa programs in Accra participated regularly in weekly meetings of 12 mutual support groups (AA, NA and Al-Anon);
  • 100 plus 12-step recovery books were provided to such groups

Hopeful Way Recovery Center (opened in 2016)




  • Hopeful Way Recovery Center – Converted into a residential rehab to be registered as WellCare Ghana Recovery Center, run by Byron Merriweather. WellCare began taking in clients in October, 2017; including one from Liberia and one from Sierra Leone.
  • Venue for WellCare is the Hopeful Way House where three training events took place in 2017 with five people in recovery residing at WellCare in 2017
  • 5 training events facilitated in 2016
  • 5 people in recovery residing at the center in 2016

  • 1,000 church parishioners reached.  Parishioners of churches providing good support for the House of St. Francis.  The HSF received a major renovation with financial support of churches in Ghana.  (See pictures and narrative in the RA Facebook page)
  • 50 House of St. Francis clients in 2016
  • 30 House of St. Francis family members in 2016
  • 30 participants of the House of St. Francis (church, community and others associated with the (HSF) in 2016
  • 25 Oxford Houses, Mutual Aid, 12-step groups AA, NA, Al-Anon in 2016

Follow Up Counseling/


  • Seven events attended in 2017
  • 2 professionals (Byron Merriweather and Edwin Ahadzie) participated in two weeks of COLOMBO training.
  • 400 persons present in June by convener of Recovery Ghana Consortium on treatment and recovery in Ghana in 2016


United Nations International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking

  • 500 pamphlets printed and distributed on addiction related programs in Ghana distributed in 2016 as part of training and awareness creation

Printing & Distribution of Recovery Related Materials