Purpose of Application:

The Application for Service Learning has several purposes. It is used to identify you, the reasons why you want to visit Ghana, your relation to addiction and recovery, and to ensure you are aware of critical program and financial details. 


Complete the online form below to be considered for our upcoming trip to Ghana.  We will notify you within 2-3 weeks to let you you know if your application was approved by Recovery Africa's Board of Directors. Upon approval, you will receive a link to provide payment for your trip so we can reserve your spot. You will also receive an invitation to join our Recovery Service Learning Facebook group, where you can get to know past and present Recovery Africa Service Learning participants and ask questions that will help you better prepare for your upcoming adventure. 

Interested in participating in our service learning program? Fill out the form below:

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Your visit to Ghana will not be easy or luxurious. The temperature can get extremely hot, the power often goes out and internet access is limited. You will be eating Ghanaian cuisine, which may not be too your liking, and the volunteer hours will be long and taxing. However, you will learn a great deal and be able to provide much needed service to individuals in Ghana in need of recovery support. Are you up for the challenge? *
I am aware that the trip itinerary is subject to change at the last minute *