Meet Recovery Africa Advisory Council Member: JERRY MOE

Jerry Moe, MA, is the National Director of Children’s Programs at the Betty Ford Center, a part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. An Advisory Board Member of the National Association for Children of Addiction, he is an author, lecturer, and trainer on issues for children and families hurt by addiction. Through the years Jerry has received the Marty Mann Award, Mona Mansell Award, Father Joseph C. Martin Award, and America Honors Recovery Award. He has written several books including Kids’ Power: Healing Games for Children of Alcoholics, Discovery … Finding the Buried Treasure, and Understanding Addiction and Recovery Through a Child’s Eyes. He was featured in the Emmy Award winning Nick News Special “Under the Influence.” 

 "I traveled to Ghana in June 2014 to work with Recovery Africa. It was a deeply spiritual experience, a career highlight. From the courageous residents at the House of St. Francis, to the clients at Korle Bu intensive out-patient program, and the family program participants at the Pantang Psychiatric Program, the spirit of recovery was alive and well. Then I experienced a huge blessing in working with a group of children in Jamestown. We talked about the family disease of addiction. They shared, asked questions, and some even felt their pain and cried. They understood that it’s not their fault and they are not alone. I will never forget them."